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Treatment. — Alkaline preparations are mostly de-
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trosi, ~ j. t.i.d., continued. Urine of September 28th to
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such as the feeding of 100 gm. of glucose would be followed by a
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monitories of fever, a sense of languor or debility, and
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un case di febbre ricorrente osservato in Chieti e sul ris-
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come to realize better the extensive pathological ravages of malarial in-
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the present system of summoning medical witnesses, the law could not in-
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noted, and by his clear, authoritative style of teaching.
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foretell almost to a day the appearance of oedema, by indicating the daily increase
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intermittent character after the constipation was relieved
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any, and what remedy can be applied, and report thereon
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view to evacuate an abscess, and in which the disease afterward found
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add the stock and salt; open the sausages lengthwise and
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the deltoid muscle becomes paralyzed, and the humerus drops from the socket;
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more irritable in asthmatic persons than in others. Tliis sub-
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It appears that, previously to his having read the opinions of
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printers' hands," the correction of the proof sheets
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of some form of crepitating rale, in oonjunction with bronchial respiration, will dis-
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the last moments of life, and after death, the thermometer stood, 10 minutes after the cessa-
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water, till in the end the patient is taking a sitz bath every morning in
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Dr. Clarke says : * "In some families six, in others
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at uncertain periods, attended with severe uterine pains, that were always
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which do not contain the arsenic as a constituent part,
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the general condition of the patient was bad. She suffered considerably
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3. Mediastinal or other tumours, inducing pressure on tli&
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have, from their very contractility, a tendency to re-
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paying patients. It is, however, a mistake to assume
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be immediately, dried with the use of a towel or dry
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The decoction may be used in doses of a teacupful several times

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