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soimd inductive reasoning, than that ' ' which asserts

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quite sure that the resolution proposed by Mr. Syme

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poor, from the well known fact of acute dropsy super-

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and assistance of Locke, he thus concludes in regard

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garded by most authors as sui generis, and as requiring, therefore.

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the house door the porter exclaimed, " Monsieur, on vous a

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appears to be melancholia, mania occurring compara-

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of the bronchial tubes. This obstruction may arise from

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he has at last produced a mass of facts so important

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from the ear was both ])rofnse and contimious ; and

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sequence with the antecedent, the cure of the di^jase

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It is a pleasant medicine, not liable to cause sickness,

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destroyed by a heated iron corresponding in size to the apertures

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half. The whole united, and a good lip resulted, by means

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on the other hand, sinister information of unsuccess-

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of a x^latinum wire, to the tinfoil on the outer sur-

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could not be felt ; in twenty-one cases there is no

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On the 3rd of July, 18G2, she again conceived, went

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