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Hordes of Africa. Thus on the coast of Loango the idol
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of I cester was bom on July i th. He was educated at
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certainly foresaw correctly the inter dependence of many
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nism of contamination and transmission via the hot dog.
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their appearance and reach grades rarely attained in
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elicit the Kcrnig s sign causes pain but no muscle spasm.
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is met with in which no signs of albumen can be discovered
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popular with the higher classes amongst whom he was known as the
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chromidia. Upon the expulsion of the chromidia a vacuole appears
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The following letter was recently received at Richmond Va.
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on its posterior surface about one half dozen small metastases addi
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grains to the ounce does not yield nearly such satis
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Professor of Surgery in King s College and Surgeon to King s College
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They as a class have certain peculiarities which are well
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of ponds or lakes and when it is not possible the destruction
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hydrate and the second with dilute hydrochloric acid.
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ations without a single failure. On the other hand t and
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lation of the caseine without subsequent solution may persist perhaps
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the system leading to a lessened power of resistance to

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