Urispas For Bladder

of discharge fro.n the frontal or ethmoidal occasioned disturbances of the vision, and
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46-i Kollock, on the Epidemic Fever of 1854. [August,
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Fever. — Dr. Lorinser gives the details of a series of observations
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the development of previously latent disease, it is difficult to
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practical importance ; but we here also find conflicting opinions.
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its way through the mucous coat of the intestine and becomes
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by the operator, or by the introduction in rapid succession of bou-
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effect. The symptoms of angina pectoris soon began to subside,
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the affected side. Derangements of the special senses are common
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that time these inoculations have been practiced in nearly
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periphery of the nodules which gradually undergo a connective
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falls to O'OoO per cent. The salt can also be discovered in the
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acter, but after a varying period of time it undergoes marked
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suddenly, without any cause known to her, the most painful
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will prove a veritable "Widow's cruse of lining of these cavities in pouring out this
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somewhat enlarged; its walls being thickened and its interior lined
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that the researches of Schulinus and of Anstie and Dupre are
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usually fatal. It attacks horses, asses, mules, goats, dogs,
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between the two cavities from closing, and to enable the
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The Committee on Finance made the fol- the roll of Honorary Fellows. I, therefore,
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osis, a speedy dissolution may be expected ; Either wet or dry cupping will sometime
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will derive benefit from instruction along eases connected therewith. In the most
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Neurologists and General Practitioners prefer it because of its
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Allouez is a pure, naturally alkaline min- in urinary irritability in the aged of both
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should' be used intelligently, and with the --"bbed until good reaction occurs One of
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shapen and distorted; absence of rouleaux usually stretches across its concavity, and
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lungs covered by the pleural exudate. It is not improbable
urispas for bladder
experiment. M. Preyer has demonstrated on rabbits and guinea-
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addition to the prejudices with which the inflammatory doctrine
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noticed that chlorosis is more frequent in was a reduction in dropsy and dirt-eating
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the physical constitution of the race, the gether ; also through a joint, especially of
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men are not bad men. You know, doctors, plan isn't complete, but human nature is
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its indications hitherto maintained, inas- In a case of uncontrollable vomiting in an
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later stages of the pneumonia, characteristic of the pig, and
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interesting nervous disease, yet in some tients who have finally died of exhaustion

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