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series of contests on the question of the right of the Apothecaries

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introduction of tepid water or steam will be sufficient.

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OVeMMtto with which they had provided thentsolves. Five

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due to the greater ease of leaving undisturbed two of the parathyroids.

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ination would show the dislocations to be few in number. Seelig

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collateral emphysema and sometimes massed in groups of considerable

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of the subjacent lung but this is at variance with the facts above

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upon affidavit. Upon the making of said payment and proof the Medi

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narcotic symptoms are dominant in others the irritative. In an

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phasize the fact that the great majority of such acci

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Dr. Yeo divides the lesions as follows Morbid processes

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over on some inevitable condition of human nature the more generally satis

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upon the amount of blood lost. Shock also causes a moderate rise

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nically designated Hcemafozoon febris quartance Hcematozobn

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many deep fresh wounds. It is a most valuable device for

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genitive case. So it would be if the two words were written

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in the vitreous usually associated alaraet and aml gt lyopia

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case of empyema which he treated with medicaments and with the

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cretion medulla oblongata and dorsal part of medulla

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patients. In Group I the minute volume averaged about liters while

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Posteriorly it becomes the visceral portion by being reflected

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four others three weeks after. All the patients recovered in from three to

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The following is the repoi t of the r.utopsy by the patholo

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particularly during respiratory tract infections. There are

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the fibrilke and that both are the cause of the clinically observed symptoms.

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to do so and at this stage they furnish the greatest number of

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