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sense of resistance to the hammer finger is greatly increased.

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dular tissue of the prostate, of which individual lobes penetrate among the

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affect the individual? \Ve must examine the hard and

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Poore, that it is applicable only in a limited number of

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passed her sixtieth year, and her last child was born when she was sixty years

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men were thrust into things irrespective of what they

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in the peripheral arteries so limited, that no perceptible diastolic

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was present, but the Gordon was not. The Babinski on the

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as to the malignancy of that prosecution, or rather per-

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bandage will permit. Occasionally, when there is a tendency to stiffness of the

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There are two points we have to consider in this matter. The first

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that, like these, it will be more apt to attack those who are in a low

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Shortlifife, Linda M. Dairiki, Stanford, Calif (Dec) 773

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ventable diseases cease to be, but many affections now deemed inevita-

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case I am indebted to the kindness of my friend, Pro-

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disturbance. Percussion elicits an abnormal area of dullness depend-

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timbers above. He was sitting on the hay; he threw his body

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Dr. Britton — Was it Dr. Geikie's understanding that if they were able to pass the

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I will be glad to furnish your committee or any others with

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avoided by placing a sponge, handkerchief, or piece of

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great curvature, and returns behind the stomach to the root of

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ing out by trephine or conical file the center of substance,

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— Mitau u. Leipzig, 1848. I liave not yet obtained a copy of this paper, but find

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lustration to support the theory of a paresis of the vagus.

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and apothecary. There is a list of two hundred drugs

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the occurrence of peripheral neuritis, in Barrs' case it was very

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fever in the fall of the year, during an epidemic of this disease which prevailed in the neigh*

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enlarged cervical nodes: at different ages they were found in from 70 to 100

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The rete mucosum may be conceived of as containing the

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in the stools of every one of these. In 30 control patients suffering

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firyspele. N. Montpel. med., 1895, iv, 745; 780; 825; 845.—

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is also set up in the interior, arising from the fact of a small portion of urine

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compression, the less the pain. Hence, the screw is made with

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and freely manipulated without causing any pain. Rattling

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about 10 feet, striking his forehead against the ground. He was not troubled with

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Draper and Frank P. Kinnicutt. The latter gentleman has kindly furnished

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companied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto and

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