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arms, neck, and forehead : the cutaneous affection may go on
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tainly be taken as a reliable guide to the examination.
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strations of the fundamental facts in physiology by means of
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us ? Note the salient features that we have remarked. Nerve
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and dressing rooms, lavatories, etc., are well lighted and ven-
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tion experiments with the bacillus lepras have also failed, as
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patients. Two rooms of the Hotel Dieu annexe are also in
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much pus. Bowels moved naturally five times to-day.
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When thumbs are placed over abdomen just below costal
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families dependent on them, are compelled to do professional work for
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tries do not admit of the employment of married women.
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Now, with all the summer before it. there is ground for fearing that it
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examinations. He has left in manuscript a catalogue of his
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and private ; E. A. Tudman, University College ; C. J. A. Vertannes,
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December 21st last with an elder brother, who threw a pair of
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week showed a fall on the week preceding, being some 12(i or l.)0, but the
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dix. This had beeu adec[uately drained. There was also general peri-
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third chapter will prove the most interesting to the general
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palm of the hand was made out by palpation. This was very tender, but
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has commenced a course of eight lecture-demonstrations on
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Surgeon. Salary, £120 per annum, with furnished house, rent, and
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ternal to, and three fingers' breadth above, the right anterior
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known, and arise in part from the migration noticed, in part
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deaths. In Edinburgh the number of uncertified deaths was
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some more complete protection. If the poison externally
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by which this digestive fluid acts on starch, converting it into
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of muscles on right side of the face stli Patient hears a loud ticking
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