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they would tolerate no systems that rested on a less
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In relating the therapeutic uses of morphia in veterinary
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especially in order to operate without embarrassment.
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Camivora), we feel satisfied that in thus degrading them. Professor Owen has
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bleed, and give cooling fedative medicines, in order
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the only means of restoring a useful limb. This the patient con-
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A corpuscle containing a half-grown organism may suddenly rupture ;
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but a distinction has to be made between wounds of the
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attained also, had not tlie patients from various causes ceased pursuing a mode
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more exacting each year than was the Germany army at the height
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serious diseases, including such, for illustration, as diseases of the heart
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water. On the other hand, when there is marked motor excitability
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though it be, to such patients as shall persistently defy, and grow worse under
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patient apply locally many lotions and ointments for months, until
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formed with acid urine, is consequently not present.
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able to stand such an operation we should get at least a fair degree
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Several preparations of neutral fats and lipoid bodies were dis-

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