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membrane is secondarily infected, and thence inflammatory swellings may

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stitutes what I believe to be the true relationship be-

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(Gervais and van Beneden, 1859) Diesing, 1860; Dracunculus loa CohholA, 1864;

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seen many good results from the use of this gland, but

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The Committee on Publication shall be composetl of the Secretary,

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question then was whether a sharp crochet-needle could

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I have once seen a diphtheritic membrane form again and again on the

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four times previously undergone craniotomy, and a living male child

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that he may not enjoy his lusts, then seethe a eoillon

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meats, gravies, greasy articles, hot condiments, pastry,

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administered whenever occasion called for such remedies.

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ence which has had so great a result upon gynaecology as

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advert to a few of the arguments of those who advo-

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from each other, it is here convenient to retain the old names, altliough the

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of nitrate of urea occupy very different bulks at different

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CHEST. — In theory, according to some teachers of physiology,

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laire. Bull, et 1116111. Soc. fraii9. d'opht.. Par., 1892, x, 271-

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b(»y, aged sixteen years, has had eczema since infancy. Twice

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kissing took place are not stated. In none of the above

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do after hemorrhage ; and inflammatory processes may go on around tiw

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after daj^, for some time, it will be found that the voluntary effort

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own person, tested the immunity of persons vaccinated with

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The Relation of Ethyl Alcohol to the Nutrition of the

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between the V's and the N's. In the twenty-one remaining

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If tlie anterior crural is involved the knee-jerk is lost and the extensor

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cities they give meat sandwiches and a glass of milk ; in

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with a fever diagno.sed as remittent maliirial. He had been

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In your misguided zeal for dogs you are guilty, in my opinion, of cruelty

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for the examination of a candidate for admi.'-sinn to the Medi-

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toes should be slightly inclined inwards to prevent

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digestible and palatable form, and in as great a variety as

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better, as he had been quite deaf. I poured in a few

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The pain is less and there is less tendency to spasm of the ocular

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is endemic in certain tropical countries (India, Madagascar, and Guiana).

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less exjjeriment, and is, therefore, only objectionable on the score of

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The lesion did not progress beyond the point shown.

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two grains to an ounce of water), is an effective remedy

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Znge in this organ/ This part of a medico-legal inspection is, however,

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co-existing visceral disease ; and in the case of Harriet Staunton, already

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usually many of them of the size of a pea or larger in

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