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(coronary arteries) to the liver for catabolism and ex-
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we may be utterly unable to make the diagnosis. There may
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variety of appearance in the matters discharged, has rendered
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Remarks. — This case is another example of the value of the plug. A very
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acute bronchial catarrh, a sedative was also given.
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Another argument for the existence of a non-traumatic variety
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the whole surface of the peritoneum ; in cholera it was applied
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ago. He was well till September 8th, when with a com-
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however, irrespective of carcinoma or other diseases which occasion obstruc-
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make confinements safe and without evil after-consequences shall be
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ber of common symptoms or conditions, such as ansemia, dysp-
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Professor Griesinger, then, that in determining the cause or
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water in compai'ison with the mawkish stuff supplied by
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and groins, and elsewhere where the skin is constantly moist or there are
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Some months ago it was stated with an appearance of authority that
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outlined, giving its size, shape and position. It is also
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the principle of being true in his times, for it is
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have been joint pains, in some a typical gonorrhoeal arthritis.
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most closely, while in the male a prolapsed testicle with torsion
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Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania. By George J. Ziegler, M. D.
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of cases in which the form of treatment is indicated and
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four hours after the operation he had a chill, his tem-
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ease. Many of the continental physicians, and not a few in this
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385-398. — Iiigi-ia (V. E.) Aucora sulla cosi iletta febbre
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Chafing is especially apt to occur in the crotch or other joint
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is, on the contrary, a diminution of the blood-pressure of very short
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except in fatal cases. The abdominal and pelvic pain was rarely severe,
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as the final and successful efifort to collect the traditions which form
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bile, as shown by flatulence and light-colored stools, is the result of the
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Now, as I have previously stated, I am convinced that nothing
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University dignitaries and a very large concourse of students.
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JOSEPH PRIESTLEY, B.A., M.D., D.P.H., Med. Officer of
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The first case illustrated the mildness of rapid lithot-
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the conjunction was reported in seven, it was conspicu-
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assisted in it by my colleagues. Professors Miller, Johnston, and Stone, and
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lecture given by the discoverer of "ambrine" to the
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as the eye has not been enucleated, and the specimen has not been exam-
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or evidence of the disease." It is for the purpose of
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cient to excite a suspicion of the vice. The symptoms
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local nor general symptoms, nausea, vomiting, fever, perspiration ;
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to the flow of urine, attributable to an impediment in the
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