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general and local stimulants, local sedatives, astrin-

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the rabbit, the mouse, and the Uzard. It is oval in fo^^^; ^^^^^^^^^^by a sheU

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kidney, will produce catarrh directly by irritating the mucous mem-

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all four at the same time, and in some cases also the nose

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Sanatoriums, Villes de Sante, Health Cities. — The civilized countries

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ties. We have reason, however, to hope that, as has happened in the

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877. Cheese Straws— Ingredients— 6 oz. of flour, 4 oz. of butter, 3

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In the following case of softening of the b^^in, Andral, in like manner, discovered

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more alkaline, and thus more capable of oxidizing and hold-

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English edition, page for page, we find so many omissions from the former

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ency to mental breakdown when suffering from pelvic disease.

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are sometimes the cause of recurrent adenoids and tonsils, in other symptoms

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brains, a semisolid mass consisting principally of cholesterol with a

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Folio Hsemotologics,— Dr. Charles E. Simon, of Balti-

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ical Society’s 115th Annual Meeting in Milwaukee May

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times long after the attack of influenza is over. An accom-

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and choroidal changes, or chronic conjunctival lesions are brought on

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No. 8757. — ^Master Herman M., 5 years of age, operated on

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By these several procedures the filaments and coccus-like structures

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in the cerebral circulation of rats and rabbits. Thrombolysis

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complete patency. The note for June 10 states that the

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place scarcely inferior to that of therapeutics. Many diseases are pre-

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cially common in childhood), pneumonia, etc., may render rheumatism grave

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with a plate. [Schultze Archiv fiir Mikroskop. Anat., viii., 1, 81.]

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derecho en una nina de nueve meses; extirpaci6u con

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The Germans lead the world in internal medicine, and among

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3 cm. from its base. The potassium iodid was continued. The old lesion

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Dr. Bell also desci-ibes a localitj' where, in certain

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forceps the distance is often much less than an inch. There

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basis, resulting in an interchange of ideas and informa-

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develop into sporozoa, which in turn result in the formation

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ilous ground, just setting out on this arduous and hazardous journey.

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She had been vomiting for some weeks, and was unable to retain

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comes to the conclusion that the pigmentation did not present tlie characters

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