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the New York County Medical Association, and the Association

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were effected by Dr. White, some of the cases having been classed

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* ' The Treatment of Drop-wrist and Allied Paralvsis, with Presentation of a

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one at least of which was translated into Italian, and other European

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the code, in advocating the right to hold an honest opinion and

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G. H. T. Johnson, Atchison, Kan. C. E. Fisher, Austin, Tex.

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We think traditional methods of studying disease and drug

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Appendix II. Summary of the Symptoms and Treatment in Cases of Poisoning 711

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the projectile, and we therefore diagnose a perforating

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babies, — a sort of nursery missionary, preaching to those in

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In short, for the homoeopathy of well-proven drugs, thoroughly

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chops and fore-part of the neck, which became so enlarged and

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Whatever there may be in the foregoing which is "ambigu-

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her work and threw her whole soul into it to realiie it.

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sented by physicians, societies, and hospitals in other European

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Mesmer, involved the use of apparatus, — the baqnet, or magnetic

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nemius muscle of the left leg; pain in the left ankle, with spas-

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This being decided, we proceeded at once to perform craniot-

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housework. From childhood she was very strong, and in the

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great advantage of rendering unnecessary that constant

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record of nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. His example

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President is Mr. Thomas W. Bicknell, of Boston, who is

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culosis. It is not to be supposed that the bacteria destroyed the

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sometimes of a considerable size; the clots it contains

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To-day" (Putnams) which earned for its author enviable commenda-

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probably have some relation to the previous condition of the vertebral column,

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effect of the atropine was now exhibited in the preservation of

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the various tissues and organs of the human body. The illus-

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the fits ; but the child is quite stupid all the time Prescribed

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bowels, accompanied by cold sweat. I was in doubt whether to

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