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The thorax presents, even in the mildest cases, very characteristic and

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"What Surgery Owes to Military Surgery; A Great Pioneer in Clinical Sur-

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tain forms of disease is due in no small measure to the univer-

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it has had is due to the fact that its appeal has always been to

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body while in that position, without help ; had frequent mictu-

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rhage, one-third of the deaths ; infection complications, two-

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or extensive tracks, with or without haematomata; shell

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present in the urine, but this had ceased. He had been fre-

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besides the blennorrhoea, all other slight and harmless but

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remedies, and after a good education in the local schools became a

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"Excision of the Hip for Extensive Disease" (Archives of Pediatrics, N. Y.,

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of the lens, I re-applied the fixation forceps to steady the eye;

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In 1888, Dr. Gleason married Grace Hoysralt, daughter of the late

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railroad employ, and it was not long before he was assigned to the

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chair, without arms, in front of and facing a window, for the

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lou, M.D., Concord ; James B. Bell, M.D., Boston ; P. Bender,

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at the University of Buffalo, entering the medical school of that insti-

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known as " syphilitic chlorosis." Tuberculosis, chronic malarial poisoning,

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him from our editorial fellowship, and our cordial wishes that

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^ thopedic Surgery, Professor of Clinical Surgery, Department of

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orrhage, cerebral embolism, uraemic coma, poisoning by some

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It is further held that the germ theory affords, and is the only

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church and society lifting up no voice of protestation. Thus for

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inhaler, a bone drill, a pile clamp, and hysterectomy

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The diagnosis may, perhaps, be rendered less difficult by

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the medical press upon subjects connected with this branch

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Frederick W. Halsey, M.D., has succeeded to the practice of the late Dr. M.

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Jersey, in 1869, a son of Samuel S. and Mary Clarinda (Stiles) Hart-

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L. I., in 1866. Her father was Robert Lewis Hamilton,

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