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phosphorous poisoning where oxidation is defective the catalase of

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has helped to reduce the mortality but there can be no doubt

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the description of the induration of this organ as compared with

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which tetanic or reflex contractures have been maintained by auto

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of a summer s balmiest sunshine lingers on the lips of

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fromtheinvestigationsof Mr. John Gamgee very small dinnensions. But be it remem

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among us and that might perhaps have caused us to be more healthy.

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upon this successful venture and believed that the new

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in connection with solar stellar and emission spectra

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grounded assurance recommend my system of practice and medicines to the

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tion which will take care of itself. The gentlemen who taw

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happy results. That in cases where the injections of iodine

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a. Cellular Adipous Fibrous Cartilaginous and Osseous Formations

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aphonia and in paralysis following diphtheria I have frequent

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will it be able to withstand the depressing influence of the

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ceiving special attention. The pests may be driven away by a free rubbing

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and trustworthy guide to the use of lactic acid ferments in disease. The

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verbal expression. Considered in so far as a purely

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immediately following birth and waa aent to the lab

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And every physician should recognize the fact that our

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external perineal urethrotomy that you have witnessed

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Cobbold estimates that a man of medium bulk may easily

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classification of helminths could be adopted but as it is

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Dispensary and out patients the Royal Dispensary and

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solution at the beginning changed and this added a complication which

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in body weight and the physical signs were greatly improved. The

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the senile skin for instance the elastic tissue underwent complete

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quently the olfactory is the only nerve endowed with

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lost in this way is rarely great. Blood supposed to be from the

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severity of the pain and the shock which accompanies it have been

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the smear and looking like microcytes are also plentiful and

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for some time after the accident. There was a serious injury

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diagnosis has not been verified by post mortem examination. Generali

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riments were made by subjecting dogs to total abstinence except water for

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cells the other against the growth s causative agent. Resistance

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tis and paratyphlitis should be expunged from the medical

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must be determined by experiment and depends apparently upon

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disturbances or there may be a slight tremor in one or

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magically cured of cutaneous cancer by the use of arsenic.

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are they full of instruction as to the danger of associating typhus

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home on Sunday nights and their evening out to sit in youi

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potassium which it closely resembles in its actions and

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the presence of one such case is apt to cause a calamitous spread

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ally applied to the different areas of the body and particularly to the

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needs of the case. A sharp irrej ular mass extending into the

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