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Why use this technology instead of Wi-Fi? >>

Ethernet over Coax is faster and more reliable. Wi-Fi is fine for web browsing and emailing but not nearly as good where speed and reliability are key factors i.e. streaming content to Smart TV’s and fast online gaming. The majority of Smart TV’s don’t come with a Wi-Fi adapter.

Therefore an additional (often costly) purchase is required that is likely to be more expensive than a pair of superior Ethernet over Coax Adapters.

I use Powerline, what’s the difference? >>

Powerline was designed for point-to-point links and can become very slow when more than two devices are on the same ring main. Powerline also suffers from interference caused by common electrical devices found around the home such as power supplies, low energy lamps, dimmer switches, washing machines etc. decreasing bandwidth and stability.

Will my data be secure? >>

Yes, echoBox works on a closed network and is therefore totally secure. If used on a cable TV fed system, a point of entry filter can be fitted to stop the signal leaving the home. Wi-Fi offers little security in the form of an easily hacked password and Powerline is susceptible to data leakage to neighbouring properties.

Will this work if I’m using a splitter? >>

Yes, the Ethernet signal can pass through a splitter in either direction so most aerial splitters are suitable. For a global loft box where there is a combiner and amplifier for the RF2 Sky Box signal and FM, DAB + SAT, a splitter and filter is required.

Will echoBox work over my satellite system? >>

Ethernet over coax signal cannot be transmitted on the cables that connect the Satellite set top box to the dish – for 2 reasons.

The cables to the dish have no electrical connection between each other so the signal cannot be transferred from one cable to another, like when passing through a TV aerial splitter. Also satellite uses the same frequency as MoCA so the signal would be blocked.

When wanting to use MoCA in a home where Sky or FreeSat is installed then the cables that connect the TV point to the aerial / splitter in the loft have to be used. In the majority of homes these cables remain in place but are unused once the householder gets SKY/FREESAT or Cable TV.

If in doubt please contact your local satellite or aerial installer for assistance.

How many adapters can I use on a single network? >>

Up to 16 adapters can be used on a single network.

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