echoBox - Ethernet Over Coax Adapter

Send high speed internet to every TV point in your home

echoBox easily connects all of your online devices by turning your existing TV aerial network into a high speed internet superhighway. Whether you’re looking to get the most from your Smart TV, download content fast, stream HD video, speed up online gaming, or all of that and more, echoBox does it better. See below for the benefits and how echoBox compares to the competition.

echobox front view echobox back view buffering pixelated clear picture

Discrete modern styling for flat or wall mounting

Simple plug & play connection

Reduces buffering time

Higher quality video

Optimum Smart TV performance

The echoBox Benefits

smart tv benefit

Smart TV

Fast, reliable, always on connection for better video performance with no pausing & dropouts caused by breakups in the WiFi signal.

game benefit

Online Gaming

Faster connectivity & lower latency means online gaming responds faster & game play is smoother.

movie benefit

Online Movie Player

Faster data delivery without the pauses & freezing caused by WiFi interference.

sky benefit

Sky Anytime +™ Box

Connect your Sky HD box to the internet without running new cables around the home.

wifi benefit

WiFi Extender

Eliminate WiFi dead spots by plugging in a WiFi extender to increase coverage around the home.

print benefit

Network Printer

An always on connection for your shared printer. For reliable printing from anywhere in the house.

pvr benefit


Most PVR boxes do not have a WiFi connection so enable the online functions without any new cables.

nas benefit

NAS Drive

A direct cable connection from your NAS Drive improves performance & speed, especially for HD Media.

Create A Connected Home Network

create a connected home network

Speed Of Internet Service

ASH -EOC-01 - echoBox 802.11n WiFi (3x3 MIMO) Homeplug AV 1901
Best average network speed 136 Mbps 10 - 40 Mbps 30 / 40 Mbps
Interferece Immunity Excellent (with shielded coax cable). Poor. Sensitive to RF signals, surrounding environment & neighbouring WiFi networks. Weak. Sensitive to appliances, chargers, fluorescent lights, dimmers etc.
Download MP3 (1000 songs)* 6 minutes 10 minutes 13 minutes
Download HD Movie (2hours DVD Video)* 6 minutes 12 minutes 16 minutes
Backup (2000 songs, 5000 photos) 37 minutes 1hour 14 minutes 1 hour 33 minutes
Furthest latency to your online gaming buddies 6000km 1000km 1600km