How Can I Use My EchoBox With Sky?

Using the Echo-box in combination with RF2 Output from a SKY box and distributing the RF signal through a Loft Box.

If you are taking the RF2 signal out of the Sky box and using this cable as the return path back to a ‘Loft Box’ Amplifier ( see picture below) you may need to alter the connections into the loftbox, if the RF2 cable from the Sky box is also carrying the Ethernet over coax signal. We have found that on some versions of the Loft Box – horizontal lines may appear on the screens that are being fed the SKY signal via RF.

A Loftbox upgrade kit is required which comprises a splitter, connecting lead and a filter to allow the Ethernet over coax signal to bypass the amplifier stage of the Loftbox.

Operation of ‘Magic eye’ remote controls is not effected by the Echo-box or the Loftbox upgrade kit.

If the Ethernet over Coax signal is not being carried on the RF2 cable which feeds into the loftbox then there will be no issue and picture quality will not be effected.

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Loftbox Typical Loft Box Installation How To Set Up

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