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fourth French edition of Dr. Verrier's work. The book gives

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been in successful operation. The Dannemora State Asylum for in-

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friction. [The tonsils, being a possible gate of entry for the disease into the

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of cases, when the projectile encountered arteries in its

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published by L. R. Hamersly & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.,

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a little milk, a few eggs, taken daily, suffice to keep a man well

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the code have been most flagrantly violated during the late ill-

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entered the medical department of Northwestern University, from

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small, self-indulgent extravagances, to conscious dishonesty, and

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School and Hospital, and holding other hospital connections, is a

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direct your attention is one of not infrequent occurrence, and

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later removed to New York State, was a student of Hamilton College,

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While the medical profession are expecting the advent of

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mother's side. The talents which have enabled him to

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works, however familiar to many these cases may be, supplemented by those

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of unremitting labor in his chosen profession. But the

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lants, in particular camphor, are also required in the severe cases.

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T ABEZ EDWARD GILES, A.B., M.D., New York City, Ophthal-

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oniinent and aitive p.irl, and, during the important

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In 1.SS2 he left a promising practice in BulTalo, N. Y.,

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water, especially removing from the lids all adhering vernix

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epidemics, nor does the weather seem to influence it : it rages

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Huntsville, .\labama, moved to this young community soon

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