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would Iiave been to increase the patient's sufferings and aggra-

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The absence of this southern vegetation is a clear proof of the infe-

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many other islands, Guadaloupe suffered that year. In 1855 the Spanish island

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Dr. Guj proposes to call these three varieties of sublimate — the

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extended in Corfu, and has, to a considerable extent, and espe-

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however, seldom so frequent as this. They come up from the sea-

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If the woman has been guilty of one folly or crime, shall we so leave matters as

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gata, and that possibljr such other causes as " injuries to the spine and

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late of many who never intended it, but who, having too long postponed tho change

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that may be had in the pantry of the countryman. But it is not of adulterated

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more or less of their extent. If such an obstacle arises, which fre-

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circumstances. Hunter first drew attention to the phenomenon,

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Boreness of the parte. This ointment is also excellent in the piles. It never failH

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recovery, and when seen at the age of seven and a half months

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complaint, and consumption, frequently closing in death. Remember that the

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patient is past cure. Dr. C. expresses the opinion, in which 1 agree, that nothing

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kept in towns, and other animals deprived of their healthful exercise, and accus-

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3. Diarrhea from Malfunction of Gastro-enterostomy. — The

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trunk greenish. Cornese opaque; anterior fontanelle depressed.

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to a notable degree. The disease is accompanied by attacks of

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As by the healing of one part of the body the whole is rendered more healthy

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may be necessary for a proper estimate of the phenolsulpho-

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Battaille from 1816 to 1829 enables our author to give the fol-

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plete paralysis of the right upper extremity and of the right

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The Magnetic Compass has no extra expense in its use. It can be sent to any

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When the diseased kidney, however, contributes but little,

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whither he goeth" — he stumbles in sickness, and falls straightway into death.

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throat ; the eyes grow dim ; cold sweats break out ; sleep absents itself, at least un-

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Check its growth entirely, and cause it to wither away. I have rarely failed in at-

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the second eye could be thought of. Fortunately, considerable im-

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