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Hospital for Sick Children rheumatism was found to be involved in the
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causes of the dilure is readily found in a more than
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are often anaemic but meningitis or thrombosis is very uncommon.
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uterus to the utmost and the limit of toleration had been passed.
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ambulances volantes as they were called were first u sed by the
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around its margin. The contents of the ball are then to be entirely
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of the shell coming but from this moment his mind is a blank.
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Although in the latter part of the contamination was
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after operation may in the future lead the patient into unpleasant
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sult. It is also true that the severity rather than the form
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an antiseptic pad of cotton or gausse applied under a
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cervical region were observed very distinctly in numer
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Propagation of some Diseases by Continuous Succession
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as the Island of Rum ponies. The foal which was born on the
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Medical Association Dr. Telford Smith in advocating
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ately in their systems and yet for long periods of time
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distinguished physician at Litchfield. This seems to show that
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and characteristic feature according to Litten was that no suppura
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piercing pain in the head. Nothing gave him relief until I directed
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pleurisy or peritonitis. If the cultures be introduced into
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quest in the Palmer case and while the secular press was
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quence of valvular or vaginal inflammatory conditions vulvitis and
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to their irregular nature and the fact that very dehcate struc
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part of it in particular we should remember that it is intimately
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instance Tne occurrence of adhesions and stricture after hernia must
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he would have been insensible to the sound the noise of the
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distance. We have a good example of this in the erysipelas mi
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infusions when there is great debility. As a general rule there
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Second Visitor Yes it might be a fibroid or an ovarian cyst.
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same nurse in that district often looks after several cases and friends
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prognosis or the art of foretelling the course and result of disease. In
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The case ended in rapid and complete recovery and Moebius attributed
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however. A large number of lady riders take the ex
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structures drawing them into their substance and trans

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