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Draught animals always have large hearts with an especial devel-
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it have one great object in common— one paramount
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Michael, D., Esq., to be Surgeon 2nd Somersetshire Militia.
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"Unsanitary conditions — filth, overcrowding, foul
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eome >)f ns may disapprove of the latter part of the undertaking,
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express their regret for the los-s of a man who had
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bears dependent her salutary reaction — slower, it
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and skill of her accompUshed and faithful foUowera.
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With this fact, the chain of induction is complete.
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greater benefits would be derived. There was one point
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more leeches to the temple ; and, if the eye should
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to effectually protect the insects even in a place in-
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disease is so far limited that a perfect excision of the
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Duchek at \ per cent. , Sibson at % per cent. If every case of irregular
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this head, I beg to notice a transatlantic idpH. which, if carried
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of distress at the pit of the stomach, inactivity, sleepi-
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then be done as soon as gangrene has clearly set in ;
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.prevent its donbUng upon itself during introduction.
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thi'ough the optic commissure ; and upright or ver-
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bers becomes each year higher and higher, and as the
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summer reigns"; and, amid roai-s of laughter, he was
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beUam to the medulla oblongata gives an increase of
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by Dr. William Budd on the infectious nature of the
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Beasley, Mr. H., Book of Prescriptions, rev.,2M; Pocket
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further by the effects of disturbance in the blood supply to distant
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the authority of the late Professor Rust of Berlin,
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the nerve cells and within the capsule of the ganglion cells, swelling
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and lose this property afterwards ; but could never
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'What do we know of the causes of hereditary trans-
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out some remarks, as it is one which justly has been
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liq[Uor, excessive drinking, personal uucleanliuess."
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that this bend affects the posterior much more than
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and, even if it could be safely produced, it would be too
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decided convalescent. Half of this diet is, in most
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you assert, it could never be used as a test of in-
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iliary Fund.-especiaOy T. Taylor Griffith, Esq., of

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