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W. Andriezen, M.B., Wakefield; A Member; Mr, R, \V, Anderson,

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erable, I concluded to try the faradic current through the rectus muscle,


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tom pains in the etiology of the different forms. In one form, namely,

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pressed at the root, and the nostrils widely opened, as in the negro.

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those of acute alcoholism. Some cases which are soon fatal are accom-

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the neurons of the lower segment. The brain, therefore, cannot

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tuted by the Vestry of St. George's Southwark against the

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medical men to have nothing to do with life insurance medical aid

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not like the relapsing or changing forms of ordinary gastro-intestinal

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raised. When all the symptoms are well developed in the uppsf ^m--

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on using heart stimulants, of which the most eflScadous in my hands

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improvement. In all respects it resembles the loss of hair after pro-

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Dr. Atthill moved as an amendment that the word "not "

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produce mental results which raise the whole question what a human

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injuring the lamp's structure; but it may not at all give light, while its

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Smailes, Thomas, M.D.St And., L.R.CP.Edin., M.R.C.S.Eng., reappointed

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Study.] Von Dr. Edgen Kbhfi.sch. (Berlin : H. Komfeld.

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s'r hekt, pound, grind tine, cook in cow's milk in a [drink

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cannula of which was connected by tubing with a Junker's

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The book before us is really an enlarged edition of the first

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infra-orbital branch is the one which is affected, pain is felt upon the

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