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corona of the spinal gray, matter. Whilst admitting with Jacubowitsch, that sympa-

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pressure before the ether poisoning. After remaining high for

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pitals, the treatment will depend upon the symptoms which ^

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dural abscess is an effort on the part of nature to limit the inva-

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upon subjects of professional Interest are solicited. The edi-

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The autopsy showed a general peritonitis, and at about

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Preventive treatment counts for much with the buffalo gnat.

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run errands, bring water, sweep the floor, and the like. Already

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the life of the fetus directly, either by injections of morphine into the

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In studying a large material such as is available at the Municipal

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notary's services were put into requisition in Canada was at the

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to be able to state that Dr. Isaacs also entertained

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ship of Dr. J. C. Bucknill, continues to maintain a high place

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Derivation. — Generate chlorine gas with hydrochloric

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Speaker: to be announced,Topic: to be announced. Info: Julie Baumberger, 665-9044.

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the United States the thirty eighth parallel, ranging

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swallowing, difficulty of respiration, and irregular heart action indicate

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Harvey, while I rapidly closed the first wound in the right

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that about forty years ago I paid some attention to this

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has been observed in certain disorders of the liver, but as changes in

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V. Acute cholecystitis in contracted gall bladder —

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genal process projecting somewhat downwards, and usually bearing

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the usual formul» really produce the more satisfactory growth in

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proved the correctness of this line of treatment, for frag-

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course, and is, therefore, always to be kept in mind.

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mending a fund started to indemnify those who are serious financial losers

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themselves in a crystalline state, apparently possess different color values

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sively deposited in the kidneys, the jaundice is chronic and extreme,

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ministered two thorough Thomsonian courses of Medicine. Her speech

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four hours, and then examining quantitatively a measured portion of

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( 10 mg ) de tamoxifen

solely on the basis of patients excused from duty as

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one of those cases, however, where we can afford to wait and watch, if

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with severe periodic neuralgia affecting the spine, in

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novel mode of treating ulcers of the legs. The treatment consists in excluding

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nologists except the English. We think he is wrong in giving

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hand in a boy of fourteen which proved to be chorea, as was suspected

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of the Heart). Most excessive bradycardias in cardiac patients probably have some

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Such, for instance, are the salol bodies and the combinations of tannin

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fect two objects, viz., first, to destroy the germ ; and

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grent practical Talne. Dr. Flint's style is clear and

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characters in typhoid are shown in the accompanying chart (Fig. 4).

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JUsias- e cca^d , OplLi /Z{fTAsCCL\y oM-C^y^C^. rLCW<J '&*44*J &.jfaL/-^yO £>0 v^iyCfOa k<0~

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the bile from the blood, which is then passed from the system, thus preventing fevers, the pre-

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striking his head in the region of the right ear, against a stick of wood, but

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results following early surgical interference leading to reluctance on the part

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placement nor is any force of a counterbalancing nature, manifested between

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