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papule is thus evolved. Some authors describe the pruritus as the
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or destructiveness. Many patients require special attention, because of
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bronzed, is not rough or warty ; the discoloration has not the peculiar
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eyelids. The only subjective symptom is itching, which is more marked
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very recent cases, after the scalp has been cleared of diseased hairs, I
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shares with exfoliative dermatitis universality, chronicity, and exfoliation ;
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presenting the disease simultaneously on the genitalia. One of the most
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who had been worried by his friends and family to submit
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various forms of painful dermatosis. Xerodermia pigmentosa, and possibly
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the fact that the last small addition of alkali (split drop) makes a
can motilium and imodium be taken together
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There is still difference of opinion whether there be such a disease as
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more often under the notice of the general physician than of the
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question has also been raised whether a minority of these cases take on
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fawn colour. The eruption may cover the whole body, but generally
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adult in mind is but small compared with those adult in
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7. Red corpuscles showing polychromatophilia (diffuse basophilia).
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the last meal the attention should be diverted by the most automatic of
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(4) Failure to wipe away blood on the outside of the pipette.
uses of motilium
cell are disturbed, and the nuclear chromatin is apt to be pressed to-

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