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Sciences has just lost one of its most eminent members, the
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cussed by Governor Luther Youngdahl at a joint meet-
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iv, 17-78. 4 pi. AZso, Reprint.— Jawbrowski (A.) Zu
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eration," from its external resemblance, but particularly from its pecu-
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the mixture or three of Fowler's solution every three hours.
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each. From cerebro-spinal meningitis New York, Brooklyn,
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everywhere than in certain parts. Death seldom now arrives by
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3. "Bad" cicatrices, which must be held as denoting
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now extends for four years and has been approved for
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the pulse flutter and flutter on, and the patient die.
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164 lb. to 130 lb. in thick clothes. My appetite was always good,
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is always thickly coated. He has frequent eructations,
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had seen a case of what might be called " nodular " leukemia, in which the
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be due to a thin ligature and the relative thickness of a dog's
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dence, consisting of (joints of tenderness in the course
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before his death passed a slough an inch and a half long, in which muscular
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Experiment 1, a (Text-Fig. 5). — In the two counts preceding x-ray exposure
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ical Herald. Charles Wood Fassett, Secretary, corner Sixth and Charles streets
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limits, by increasing the amount or the richness of the
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slight stiffness about the neck ; but in enteric fever this does not appear.
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payment of fees would influence medical men very much
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production of fat, we should diminish as much as possible the carbohydrates,
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Ebstein, in 50 cases of all ages, found hematuria in 24. The origin of the
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8. Any protein which adhered to the heaker was digested in the beaker with
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of minimal doses of oil of turpentine. Two sets of experi-
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The patient must not be dismissed now, however, without a
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Le Bel, J. A. Sur le m^thylpropylcarbinol synth^tique, r^sidu actif par les moisL**-
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lesion. The pleura; were also the seat of fibrous adhesions and
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tating foreign substance, and in a short time produces a
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of glaucoma with recurring pain. The Mules operation they claimed
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examination and lapse of time, proved to be a simple
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Holmes, M. A. Cantab., Consulting Surgeon to St. George's
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piece when the back is perpendicular, is turned up for a headboard when
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Synonyms. — Asthenic bulbar palsy, Bulbar paralyse ohne anatomischen

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