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made by Mr. Marcus Gunn : The epithelium of the cornea is swollen and
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14th, 18S7, suffering from cou^li and profuse expectoration of the most
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chargfjs from a tuberculpus patient should be disinfected.
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Secretary for Scotland, Scotch Office, S.W. Ui-'i^ f-nJO i-
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Association: Address by Dr. Springthorpe : Election of Officers;
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Surgeon-Captain F. W. H. D. Harris has been appointed to the com-
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the appropriate area of the right cortex evoked movements
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by dilatation ot the urethra.— Dr. Cattle showed Diplococci
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Method of Removing the Tongue. Dr. Lee Dickinson and
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and Continental stands and apparatus, with short letterpress
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cesspools and privies, as to the removal and disposal uf refuse, and as to
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sidered to apply to a form of localised peritonitis occurring in
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dence, and washing: also Junior Resident Medical Officer, board,
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The French Government has agreed to a grant of l,0'i2,20O
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was quite unable to stand. He was unable to raise the legs in the ex-
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The sci vices of Surgeon-Lieutenant A. O. Hubbard, Bengal Establish-
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pointed Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for the Molesey Dis-
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eauh month in tliese cases than in any other. Imagine a
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such knowledge is needed for healing the sick ; and went on
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three towns were equal to an annual rate of 0. 13 per 1,000 ; iu London tlie
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80 clear and strong that it could not be set aside. As to the
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drawing of. ft oSiSe of melanotic sarcoma of the left earing
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the purpose of the report. In 27 instances the exposure to
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The Conference decided that this period should be taken as five
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portant question as to the segment which displayed the
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Evans. Guy's Hospital; F. H. Evans, Kings College; c B. Fair-
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pital ; J. E. F. Palser, London Hospital ; A. H. Pilchard, tlui-
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stock Hill, and wanted to purchase iu Ausrust la t a branch practice.
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secure a good grip of the whole thickness of skin and stomach,
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interspace, at a point IJ in. from the margin of the sternum,
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the same way, but it was unfortunately destroyed in the removal of the
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with gas. The stomach and small intestine were healthy in
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H. J. Prangley, .Vnerley; Dr. F. L. Phillips, Birmingham; Mr. C. E.

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