Benemid Nursing Considerations

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she came tii Neir York to ttudy mcdicim; and <na ^rnd-
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from 1893 to 1898 ; clinical pathologist at Roosevelt Hospital for two
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himself, but was stupid all the rest of the day, with thick and
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will secure immohilization of the thorax. Loosening of the
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philosophy is taught in all the medical colleges of this
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The pelvis, like the chest, is compressed laterally, while the symphysis is
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1 As an introduction into a more accurate study of the diseases of the blood, I recommend,
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the Homoeopathic Medical Society of Pennsylvania, on the use of disinfectants, etc.
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dent to the life of an ambitious, hard-working woman, who was
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19. "An Experimental Study of Bone Growth, and the Spinal Bone Trans-
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stances of hyperpyrexia. We had an opportunity to observe a case in which
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T OHN ASPELL, M.D., successful and highly regarded gynecologist
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to keep Buffalo in the very front of the procession of great cities in
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duce those murderous thoughts and intentions that convert the
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homes. Their chief strength lies in that popular credulity and
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Trustees in being elected President of the College.
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professional work he has been connected with Bellevue as instructor,
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of the Union, whereby allopathic physicians will secure practical control of
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benemid nursing considerations
The ordinary hollowed out splints made of iron wire are
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of the skull. The abnormal softness of the bones is due to the increased ab-
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161. 162. Transverse section of the cord in beginning tabes dorsalis . . . 338
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from small-pox, up to the end of August, as 315. Of these, 270

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