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the obstruction was sufficient to dilate the ducts so
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aggravation. This borne in mind the author cites several
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stating that they depend on the specific nature of the protoplasm.
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primary or secondary to the lesions elsewhere and whether
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mences he will have an understanding of his duties and re
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elsewhere in this issue page again remind us that this formidable
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which took place gradually the patient said that she had
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in this direction and although an immense mass of facts has long since
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results. Its most valuable property however consists
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diagnosis could usually be made on the above signs and
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sumption of oxygen it has been found that this runs practically parallel
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will have become an extinct genus. To such of them as are still
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nounced. The signs of the acute attack may be clearly defined
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said that with the possible exception of a few pains
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the pathological anatomy except to state that apoplexy may be the result
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Dear Sir Referring to the question of what sanitary precau
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The tumor as it increases in size leads to expansion
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bacteriological examination later stopping the use of the serum if the case
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Stewart never gave by the mouth a larger dose than the
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Case IV. Right hydrocele and left hydro sarco cele of
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The Use of Asaprol in the Treatment of Typhoid Fever. M. Clem
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tin results ha e not been considered satisfactory. Tom
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a dilatation of the vessel which suggests some abnormality. If one
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in the rectum if not convenient there in the groin. The
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cases where the vessels themselves soon become involved
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sling by means of which the patient is supported in the
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kidney normal. Sections from the left kidney show no glomerular lesions
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the skin back again to its proper position with a few stitches
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is in accordance with this statement as is also the fact that a
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the operations of French Surgeons all of which were of a successful issue.
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The Second Part treats of the application of the treatment by in