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nuclei under the neurilemma proliferate. This change also

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portant part of its usefulness. The diagnosis of early

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the period of acme or there is a sudden increase of tempera

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by the destructive though laudable device of traducing

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conditions of quarantine and see that the conditions are rigidly enforced

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days this gentleman returned home and last summer drove over

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but it is the extremely nice one of discriminating between two

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found together with putrid thrombosis of the subclavian vein

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shoulder of the child were brought to the pubes. A ro

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I should have anathematised a Doctor had I been a layman

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to most of the stations used by Broca Gray and later

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cyst Cirrhotic ovaries Battey Fibroid uterus Hegar Hystero

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without uveal penetration by means of the small hand magnet tip through

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age. At that time the changes in the skin which were

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roughness or smoothness hardness or softness etc. It is

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tion in an etticient manner. Yearsley divides cases of deafness into

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quadrate and posterior parietal lobule. These regions

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choice on account of possible infection. The ideal condi

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but none the less characteristic that we should familiarize ourselves

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Reduction. Ronald Ross sums up his arguments on this

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are other preparations such as Liebreich s pepsin essenz which

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each of refined sugar and powdered gum arabic and four fluid ounces

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of the gt aroxysin the intensity of the pain and its

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this support of our observations viz. that the smaller the

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offers to explain by his principles any of thofe numerous and important

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the Academy with his vermiform appendix in a bottle. Since

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which cinchonism developed however. Certain precautions are necessary in

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The extensive prevalence of this disease together with the

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scribed we must not omit to notice that there is another con

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They are exhibited in the diagrams see Fig. o and arc

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or by anticipation or antedating leading to congenital or

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It is impossible for the medical student in his undergraduate days to

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We do not know exactly what the bodily re juirements from