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panied with a similar uncertainty and variation in effects.
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still denied having any pain in the limb. The surface of the
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Baryta carb. is indicated by enlargement of the glands of the nape
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lutely deny the practical importance of infection in tuberculosis.
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en he became much more quiet and went to sleep. Skin
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taining one grain of the salt in every two minims. In
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cutaneously or in some instances intraperitoneally the tuberculin
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zoologist and the embryologist as well as the physician.
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organism the Typhoid bacillus or bacillus of Eberth which invades the
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and repelled by the cation of the salt and that both attraction and
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is that they are one of the sources of lymphocytes. Gulland is
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The French Codex directs gentian parts carbonate of sodium
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racterized by cough hoarseness and painful deglutition.
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not reveal any tendency to compensatory hypertrophy.