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place with newly formed connective tissue cells and capillaries and

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tions is fifteen grains. In small doses it is expectorant.

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however Fairchild s Peptogenic Milk Powder is usually more

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form comes on suddenly and disappears after some days or weeks

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and the prognosis is most unfavorable. Death results from asthenia

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Special media inoculated with the filtrate and incubated under anaerobic con


spread and increase its fatality. It is therefore our obvious duty

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becomes chyle and is then ready for absorption by the absorbents the

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tongue was dry and brown pulse feeble and rapid skin

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may gradually crumble before the assauhs of the enemy

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emphasize certain practical deductions. It has been shown

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objection to every doctor publishing his own medical

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this difficulty I have devised the present probe which was made by

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the hip to the knee and inasmuch as the plaster will

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hand fusion of sensations may sometimes occur when normally they would

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ing space in the antrum and middle ear. Such cases naturally re

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had come under his observation one of these occurred

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experimental evidence in its support is not wholly wanting. We can

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tenderness inner side of left arm numbness and weak

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Attending Physician to the Cook County Hospital Chicago

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of j hysiological albuminuria has been applied. This albuminuria is in

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deeply into its substance just above the elbow joint and the

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red cells are generally few and large nucleated corpuscles containing kary

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Hence I would urge upon the profession to see that general vac

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fact that blackwater fever does not affect newcomers as does yellow fever.

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heart or from secondary mitral insufficiency the pulse becomes feeble and

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and both animals soon became cold and collapsed the one in which

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administration of cod liver oil is owing to its constructive powers aid

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tains x ray and arc light treatments come in play. It is

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from fright or punishment Spasm of the glottis choking

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tion on plastic operations the various accepted pro

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again and bled twelve ounces which brought down the

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the individual carefully regulating so far as is possi

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aseptic precautions exercised in the operation. Clean hands clean

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of pneumonia is very seldom the result of epidemic influences but most

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able secretion of mucus moist when it is liquid and dry when

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plies pre eminently to the fluid preparations that result

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into a bronchus causing pneumonia miliary turerculosis

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for a position so arduous and responsible. In wliatever

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with only a few pounds of money. No comment whatever