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be found soothing and slightly laxative in its action.

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the anterior region of the neck which was increased

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Case. A year old soldier wounded by a high explosive shell July suffered

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tubal pregnancy rupture usually took place before the

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moval of neoplasms from the uterus or its annexje. The

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organism that prevails in the United States. The Shiga type agglutinates

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severe cerebro spinal manifestations. In certain of these

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hesitates to call it yellow fever. Yesterday Dr. Wiblin the health

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it was quickly digested particularly when it was first treat

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auditory image of words. Pure deafness does not exist. Pure alexia pure

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Dose Three globules in a teaspoonful of water every three hours

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accounts. It has been demonstrated that the risk to life

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This result is hardly surprising in view of the fact

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confer in the prevention of such contagions as Glanders amp c.

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As before no law of amount can be based either upon

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succeeding fever it becomes full and bounding. In cases of moderate severity

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account of how it served me. In the fall of I noted

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microscope not the bright red blood brought up during one of