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fusory animalcules of which different species are met

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tuberculin on cows so affected was accompanied by a hyperther

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hour to C. Catgut prepared in this way is absolutely sterile


similar. The frogs receiving virulent pneumococci remained well and the organisms

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simply cauterised by a physician with ammonia died of hydrophobia. I

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inches turning slightly to the patient s right and not

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DiyltaltH is indicated when nervous fever or rather typhus accom

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and at any time the intestinal lesion may become much the gravest

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moment. Respiration became very shallow. The patient was in

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had been able to grasp in reading their works was that

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Archiv flir Ansitomie Physiologie und Wissenschnftliche IMedicin Nos. .

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the pleura or pleurisy without an irritative engorgement of the sub

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disease is very apt to follow acute infectious diseases

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these particular particles. These fibres were not distinctly enlarged.

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rienced and if the gland be squeezed at Its base i small

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strated as a cause of epilepsy from the fact that circumcision checks the

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to form a transverse arch the first and second toes

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clots to distinguish them from those which are found in many other

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severity of the disease one mild case requiring twenty eight

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world cannot reform one drunkard but it is possible for the

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tion he received three tablespoonfuls of milk per diem and

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of htr legitimate characteristics. Finally he asked all the French

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by physicians that this is to certify that I have this

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looked very well. About the middle of August she became rather

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the organ and is an interesting comment on the view still

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at which it penetrates cell membranes than other acids. It would there

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render any nursing service that may be needed. It is

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l Where women have miscarried during previous preg

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on both sides. Find out particularly which one is affected by the methods

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may hesitate or regard as too trivial to bring to the

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Klein has however detected them in the neighboring lymphatic vessels

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substances and this accounts for the lowering of temperature

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the tissue to soften and break down liquefy and this may be

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recovery from the period characterized by the typhoid

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fications have l een tested by a suitable examination

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