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ing case from Kraepelin s clinic and the speaker said

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fear some tubercular disease of the brain but when the tongue cleaned

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the west in the same way upon the west side. He could not

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theories as to the causation of the condition are reviewed the author s

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readily volatile without decomposition and consist of C.

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after its disappearance the belief grows upon him that a very large

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article thus summarizes the matter Surely it is high

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tive or present to learn to draw with fair accuracy

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cure but examinations of these patients were not made.

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under way is to put the patient to bed and not meddle with

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placed responsibility directly upon the Commanding General Army Air Forces

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In the English towns with an estimated population of

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be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical aiul Surgical Journal.

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Ix my last communication I endeavoured to sketch out the

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We trust the Medical Council will take some action with regard to

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in themselves nearly harmless and that their apparent toxicity

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regarded as a causative influence since over eating and indo

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should be considered whether the Council had any duty to

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or injected directly into the portal vein will excite an increased

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to the Medical Society of the State whose decision in the case shall

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the community from the association thus patronised by the govern

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general body of medical knowledge on the contrary the detailed

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exerted no influence for good or evil upon the aural

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field that synthetic chemistry opens to therapeutics.

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It is sometimes unilateral and part of a hemi anaesthesia but more often

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to present to you the exact evidence although many of

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omouslj the dip into tin tissue i f the choroid and their

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domen flaccid and sunken and by palpation the coils

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months old who was attacked by a slight croupy cough

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stage beginning usually on the sixth day with slight return of fever

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On the th a hemorrhagic suffusion appeared on the right side

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them as this had the effect of greatly diminishing the

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galactase were made on samples of cream. Formaldehyde solution

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About dark the party disbanded ending the most successful meeting in

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can be cured without resorting to poisonous doses of

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defrauded to the extent in which her reputation shall be injured

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pathological chanieter of rheumatism none of which has ined peu H

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in stating that it would have been impossible by any examination either

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attention of the country surgeon providing its results are not more

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they are usually absent in cultures where the actinomyces is not in the

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plausible cause drawing his conclusions from a study of

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issuance of the charter the Durham City and County Board of Health

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Two weeks later she was re admitted to the hospital in a deplorable

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hence the relative frequency of lupus in youth sometimes with par

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pupils were noted. In two years more there was well