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palpation of the epigastric region during a paroxysm
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a paper entitled Proofs of the Bulam Fever attacking the
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were quite frequently met with in cases of epidemic
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indeed is being shown continuously that this practice in the hands of the
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healthier than others and as the mortality of females is at
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Intussusception he said might be either ileo cecal
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urgently appeals to the physician for immediate re
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ties evinced by the late Director General throughout a long
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ytaammku Thia term denotes the existence of symptoms analogous to
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these cases we may ascribe it to an overgrowth of the fibrous
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stay in the water depends wholly upon its temperature anywhere
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principles. Hence it happened that even while engaged
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stages of growth to the successive dates at Avhicli the impactions have
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organism could be here accurately measured and thus the extent
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we may reasonably suppose the extension of the disease to the
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her use a larger diet and very little exercise. If the blood
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traordinarily small number in which they are usually
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Advertising Regulations laid down in set terms so that a complaint
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come from an educated physician a temperate and ex
the bone directly at right angles to its long axis. It is
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recognized for what they are and not confounded with
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Membership. Quarterly meetina first Thursday March June September and De
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some fear that a fistula might exist which it would be
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sation set in immediately after the operation whilst no disturbance of
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sutured to the lumbar fascia thus leaving a funnel
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From time to time publications have been made relating to the medical
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preceded by coma. After death the enveloping membranes of the
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and soundness and expected endurance of the animals and
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verine codeine narceine and thehaine. These alkaloids are
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and expresses himself as thoroughly satisfied with its action. He has
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generated in the manufacture of the cement and it is
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mance throughout the entire organ has increased while
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may conclude that the chronic pneumonia has terminated in cheesy met
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dangerous automatism which follows slight epileptic fits are not suffi
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students of the Edinburgh Free Church College. Dr. Wilson points out
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that subsequently all attempts to restore the parts to their
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the end of the electrical session through changes apparent
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percentage of the small lymphocytes and the polymor
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help to determine its nature. Laboratory methods and
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festations. Dr. Brill found very few ticuers amonff