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following arsphenamine injection and the liberation

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was right in attributing these reflexes to paresis. He

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to leave granted to syphilitics. It would be necessary

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negative on seventh day. On the following day fever re

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until nearly the whole of the tumour is involved and there is

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mained localized and the ulcer healed in thirty three days

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nerves supplying the heart for instance the so called depressor of

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favorable. In almost all cases a fatal result follows either

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manner of ways. The heads of the thigh bones are pushed nearer together

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tion or experience In most of the provinces the first

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distension of the urethra due to the irrigating fluid

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exceptional in the history of therapeutic remedies.

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dyspepsia subsided. He increased in weight. His health is better

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idiosyncrasy of the patient than to any other cause. The

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It is generally and doubtless correctly assumed that the active

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nicotine of tobacco. Tn smoking carbonic oxide several

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the outlet distance between the tuberosities four inches. A large

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thofe enemies of religion who are willing to think the foul mortal to

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February th she said that she felt well and desired to

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probable that it is often overlooked or not recognized. It usually follows

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of the cartilage cell and this matrix be perfectly continuous

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In other cases the acute s anptoms of an intestinal affection

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the destructive process and to many a jjositive dimi

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the verge of apoplexy I cannot say even in such examples that the

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therefore most necessary that a correct diagnosis be made.

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that the bleeding vessel should be secured as soon as

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e.xaminer should not conclude that the rejection of.

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Operation . Mr Morison. Long obhque incision in the

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Mortimer. Edward Townsend Mortimer Surgeon R.N seniority April

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the kingdom This treatise adapted to the use of the public

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Only pasteurized milk should be given infants or children.

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sentially a local problem and the policy seems to be in

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tages of a measure which is as satisfactory as that which is operative

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pupils have done much to clear up some phases of an

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betes gout uric acid diathesis and all conditions of lowered vitality

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technique. The Wertheim operation was abandoned for

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the solutions and set aside for twenty four hours. Then decant wash the

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there is no case in which the antikinase was able to nullify

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This Scholarship founded by Sir John Musgkove Bart. the late

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Messrs Oliver amp Boyd Edinburgh have published together in a

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addition to either dose a few hours after calving which will have a

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the humpback I employed a steel instrument and maintained

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