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incoordination is revealed by the handwriting ; (iv.) control over

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(2) that they could be made to invade the deeper tissues; (3) that the

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which is much cheaper than those mentioned. Apostoli has carbon-

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motion for an age limit actually involved material changes in the

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valuable constituents was digested from the whole wheat

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At present, we know so little of cell-action, that we cannot

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within its water bed to expand and contract according to

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charged with such duties and powers as the Governor in council

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also pay them twenty-five cents for every day they are

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Luxatio Penis. — We have received from Dr. S. Baumgarten, of Buda-

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vices at your hosjntal, \00 per cent less than the regular lyractitioner

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We have a condition there that is exceedingly serious. We have had

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the operation) without any involvement of sensation, speaks in favor of

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lar rheumatism, acute and chronic muscular rheumatism (lum-

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"ego" or sub-consciousness is (they say) determined by the

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lateral and posterior, may show gray degeneration ; there is evidence in

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that the transmission of glanders and other contagious diseases

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(a) Wandering cells laden with spore-like bodies in the epidermis.

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My first case was that of a woman of 32 years of age, and the mother

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internal and middle ears were healthy and the Eustachian tubes. The tonsils

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appear in the supernatant salt solution. This was apparently not

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toward the front, the scapula toward the back and the

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Regarding the diagnostic value of the leukocytes Cabot makes the follow-

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nerve and choroid, and is probably the most interesting part of the book ;

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sure to moisture, air, and light. This change can be

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Please give this your earliest possible attention, for whatever is to be

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The shock from explosions modified by habit. — One peculi-

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together, as has been usual in analyses by other chemists.

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ment consists in the use of the chloride of zinc, combined with a

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the microscopical organism has not yet been conclu-

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or eruptions upon the body ? Is the patient emaciated or dropsical ?

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Scientist, Hospital for Special Surgery. B.A. 1964,

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views upon the microscopic observations of Stroebe and Biingner

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is a symptom of deficient vitality, and a faculty for idleness

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kidney, cause irritability of the bladder. Adults, and children,

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strips are fastened together about 8.0 cm. from one end by a brass

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matism I consider it best and more to the purpose to

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