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of the Antitoxin Treatment of Diphtheria." He detailed the

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tations are, it is true, uncommon and their exact mechan-

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radical surgery alone. Further experience at national

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coveries or inventions which brought him fame and at the

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out of all proportion to the intensity of the scratching. Sometimes

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in what condition of comatose insensibility was the pa-

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d'un cas particulier. Bull, i t m6m. Soc. de chir. de Par.,

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ber of bacilli injected was approximately ascertained.

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ness, but only an intense shivering. As a rule at the

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is rapid and full ; the respirations are accelerated; the mind is

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to splint the sides, and maintain thereon a steady pres-

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ruling which allowed the rituals because “Satanism may

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fever. The patient applied for admission to the hosjjital at eleven

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of tuberculosis in man a marked decrease in this type of cell is ob-

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was described, and their application was shown according to

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stomafh, |)assiitg up the oesophagus to the pharnyx, where it })roduces a

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One child had tenderness of the legs. Rickets was common.

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Dr. K. O. Mason reports 13 cases of disorders of diges-

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of the remote causes may be, and as the difference of constitu-

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ple that anatomy never performed an operation? As to repudiating all at-

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and that a thorough knowledge of the normal output is essential for the

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dish-brown color, thick, coated with a tenacious mucus, and roughened

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cured. I desire to keep Sanmetto on hand, as there is nothing better to fill its

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The patient, a 25-year-old male student, was first seen at

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of isohemolysins associated with increased antihemolytic resistance

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gical tissues err on the side of negativity. That certain of the sur-

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Under the head of commercial ice creams the author says :

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gitudinal folds, one on each side of the vulva ; reaching from the

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quent cause of sterility. A woman suffering from ovaritis, acute or chronic, can

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ous, and the septic influence of the surroundings of such

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then place this on the top of the pie, pressing the edges well.

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minutes at a time, and there should never be complete

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(13) Chiari's operation carried out by an incision (allied to Langenbeck's

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once in the seventy-two cases. It was in a contracted

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healing process, the muriated tincture of iron may be applied.

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Physiology, Pathology, and Practical Medicine. By J. C. Dalton, M.D.,

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may not be amiss to say a few words in regard to the discharge of pus

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in ordinary dairy work. A vat with capacity sufficient for the mix-

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pain is generally evidence that the first object is effected. The doses,

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of the right iliac fossa. Tenesmus, with the discharge of blood and mucus,

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he thought it a pity that there were not means of teaching some-

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